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Donate to help us help others

A problem doesn’t need to turn into a crisis, but if you’ve got no one to turn to for help, it might.

Last year, we helped over 6,000 people move forward with their problems, often having come to us feeling anxious, fearful and uncertain about their future.

The majority of our advice is delivered by people who give their time for free. As a charity, we rely on donations to help us meet the costs of training volunteer advisers and running advice sessions out in the community.

The demand for our services is greater than ever. In the next 18 months we want to open new services for vunerable and older adults, and for young people who are at risk of homelessness and abuse. This is specialist work and we will need to recruit and train new teams of volunteers to help us.

It costs over £1,000 and takes up to 6 months to train a specialist volunteer adviser.

We welcome any donation to our work. Your help keeps our services going.